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The Washington D.C./Baltimore area offers a wonderfully large and, in several ways, unique employment market for job seekers. For example, the largest sources of employment are with foundations/ associations and the federal government. There are also over 50 colleges and universities within commuting distance of the University of Maryland. See below for more detailed information.

*University or Research Employment

  • Job listings for the University of Maryland are made available each Friday. The spouse/partner of professorial faculty are eligible to receive special consideration for University positions. They should contact Rhonda Malone, (301) 405-2509, if applying for University employment.
  • Through the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium, more information is available about job listings in the area.
  • Academic employment can also be found at any of the over 50 colleges and universities in the Washington D.C./Baltimore area!
  • Research positions are available through the federal government, at facilities such as at NIH, NIST, and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
  • Many nearby research centers and private industry research facilities are also employment opportunities.

*Government Employment

*Non-Profit Employment

*Public and Private School Employment

*All Types of Employment