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Course Grades

Sometimes a student's grade may be the most effective way of communicating, though it may be akin to surgery with a butter knife. In addition to entering assignment grades for students through ELMS, you must enter course grades through UMEG. Below is some basic information about course grades, including confidentiality, early warning grades, incomplete grades, and grade submission.

Confidentiality in Posting Grades

The Buckley Amendment of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act protects a student from the disclosure of personal and academic information to anyone other than the student, except under special circumstances. Posting student grades with either student names or social security numbers - in whole or in part - is strictly prohibited and exposes the University and the responsible faculty member to civil litigation. Other protected information includes, but is not limited to: special requests, current and past course registrations, enrollment status, financial aid disbursements, billing history and any disciplinary actions. For more information, please refer to the University's Policy on Confidentiality and Disclosure of Student Records.

Early Warning Grades

Early warning grades should be submitted for undergraduate students who are newly enrolled at the University. Instructors who have such students will be prompted via email to submit early warning grades. These grades are an important component of retention efforts, as they provide timely feedback to those students who are unfamiliar with our academic expectations. Faculty may submit a letter grade or satisfactory/ unsatisfactory (S/U) marks. Early warning grades are due ten weeks after the start of the semester. Click here for the exact dates. Instructors are encouraged to adjust course syllabi so that some graded work is available for review by these dates.

Incomplete "I" Grades

Incomplete grades may be used in two circumstances. They may be granted to students who are making satisfactory progress but, for circumstances beyond their control, are unable to complete a small portion of the course work. In addition, for graduate courses 799 and 899, incompletes must be assigned until the student has completed the thesis/dissertation. Excluding 799 and 899, the Incomplete Contract must be completed, signed and submitted. Procedures and regulations for incomplete grades can be found in the undergraduate and graduate catalogue.

Grade Submission

All final grades should be submitted electronically within 48 hours after the scheduled exam. Delays in grade submission impede students’ ability to finalize registration for the next semester and to take advantage of Winterterm and Summer Sessions to maintain their progress to degree. Please keep copies of final exams and the grade report for at least a year in case of the need to document past grades.

Click here to see information about the University's Grading System.