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Textbooks and Class Materials

Textbook Adoption & Ordering

Timely submission of book orders ensures that sufficient textbooks are available on time for students and facilitates the buyback and resale of used textbooks, an initiative useful for budget conscious students. University policy requires submission of all textbook orders for Summer and Fall classes by May 1 and for Winterterm and Spring classes by December 1. As directed by the state’s Textbook Affordability Law faculty members must submit an acknowledgement of compliance with the law. For general information, best practices and policy requirements regarding adopting and ordering textbooks see Textbook Adoption & Ordering.

All textbook adoption information, including the International Standard Book Number (ISBN), must be submitted by these dates through the University Book Center website via the Faculty tab. The site also contains a link to the Faculty Center Network, a one-stop resource providing detailed information on textbooks to help instructors in making adoption decisions. Once textbook adoptions have been entered, they will be posted on Testudo to facilitate textbook acquisition. This information maybe submitted to other vendors but not in lieu of submitting it to the UBC website.

Self-Authored Materials

All orders of self-authored instructional materials that entail financial gain for the instructor must be approved by the chair of the department offering the course. For more information, refer to the University's policy on the use of self-authored course materials.

Sale of Course Materials in the Classroom

Sale of such materials is strongly discouraged unless the instructor is the sole source of the material or can provide the material at the lowest price. Even in that case, consider alternative modes of distribution such as sale through the department's business office or placing the material on reserve at the campus library.

Reproduction of Copyrighted Material

Generally, the photocopying of print materials without the consent of the copyright owner is an infringement of the owner's rights. However, making a single copy for the purposes of research, and making a classroom set of a brief text or single illustration, are deemed fair use and do not require permission. The Guidelines for Classroom Copying gives a fuller definition of fair use. Typically faculty rely on commercial copying services or the University Copy Services to submit requests for permission to use materials. Request for permission can be sent to the Copyright Clearance Center (278 Congress St., Salem, MA 01970). Requests must be submitted sufficiently in advance to allow for the time needed to obtain permission. There may be a fee for permission.

Reserve Lists

Information about creating reserve lists is available on-line at lib.umd.edu/PUBSERV/RESERVE/traininghandout.pdf. Note that requests for reserved materials should be submitted at least two weeks prior to when students will need them.