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Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Award Recipients

The Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Program, established in 1978, honors a small number of faculty members each year who have demonstrated notable success in both scholarship and teaching. Distinguished Scholar-Teachers make a public presentation on a topic within their scholarly discipline, and receive an honorarium of $5000 to support their professional activities. For more information, call the Office of Faculty Affairs at 301.405.0658.

2019 - 2020
Sharon Fries-BrittDepartment of Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education
George Hurtt Department of Geographical Sciences
Daniel LathropDepartment of Physics
Derek RichardsonDepartment of Astronomy
2018 - 2019
Merle CollinsDepartment of English
Jeffery Davis Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
P.K. KannanRobert H. Smith School of Business
Anne SimonDepartment of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
Ichiro TakeuchiDepartment of Materials Science and Engineering
Shibley TelhamiDepartment of Government and Politics
2017 - 2018
Rajshree AgarwalRobert H. Smith School of Business
Karen Carleton Department of Biology
Sandra Gordon-SalantDepartment of Hearing and Speech Sciences
Jonathan KatzDepartment of Computer Science / UMIACS
Srinivasa RaghavanDepartment of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Jennifer RiceDepartment of Teaching, Learning, Policy and Leadership
2016 - 2017
Stephen AnlageDepartment of Physics
Hugh BruckDepartment of Mechanical Engineering
Frances LeeDepartment of Government & Politics
David LevermoreDepartment of Mathematics
Betty MalenDepartment of Teaching & Learning, Policy & Leadership
Sennur UlukusDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering / ISR
2015 - 2016
Amr BazDepartment of Mechanical Engineering
Michael HicksDepartment of Computer Science / UMIACS
Jeffrey LidzDepartment of Linguistics
Leslie PickDepartment of Entomology
Kenneth RubinDepartment of Human Development & Quantitative Methodology
2014 - 2015
Jonathan AuerbachDepartment of English
Jude CassidyDepartment of Psychology
Gilad ChenRobert H. Smith School of Business
Sarah EnoDepartment of Physics
Reza GhodssiDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering & ISR
Alan Jay KaufmanDepartment of Geology
2013 - 2014
Gregory HancockDepartment of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology
Doron LevyDepartment of Mathematics
Margaret PearsonDepartment of Government and Politics
Michel WedelRobert H. Smith School of Business
Min WuDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering
2012 - 2013
Elizabeth BeiseDepartment of Physics
Robert BriberDepartment of Materials Science and Engineering
Theresa ColettiDepartment of English
Carol Espy-WilsonDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gary LaFreeDepartment of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Delores ZieglerSchool of Music
2011 - 2012
Ritu AgarwalRobert H. Smith School of Business
Avis CohenDepartment of Biology and Institute for Systems Research
Colin PhillipsDepartment of Linguistics
Lawrence WashingtonDepartment of Mathematics
2010 - 2011
William DorlandDepartment of Physics
William FaganDepartment of Biology
Curtis GrimmRobert H. Smith School of Business
Martha Nell SmithDepartment of English
Chris VadalaSchool of Music
2009 - 2010
Arthur EcksteinDepartment of History
Michele GelfandDepartment of Psychology
Patrick O’SheaDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Raymond St. LegerDepartment of Entomology
Jonathan WilkenfeldDepartment of Government and Politics
2008 - 2009
Stephen Elkin (retired)Department of Government and Politics
Howard LasnikDepartment of Linguistics
Theodore JacobsonDepartment of Physics
Melanie KillenDepartment of Human Development
John HaltiwangerDepartment of Economics
2007 - 2008
William GoldmanDepartment of Mathematics
Samir KhullerDepartment of Computer Science
Robert LevineDepartment of English
K. J. Ray LiuDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Paul PietroskiDepartment of Linguistics
John SteinbrunerSchool of Public Policy
2006 - 2007
Jorge Aguilar-Mora (retired)School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Lindley DardenDepartment of Philosophy
John LaubDepartment of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Wallace Oates (deceased)Department of Economics
Rebecca Oxford (retired)Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Edward RedishDepartment of Physics
2005 - 2006
Thomas CohenDepartment of Physics
Barbara Finkelstein (retired)Department of Educational Policy and Leadership
Nathan FoxDepartment of Human Development
Paul Herrnson*Department of Government and Politics
Howard MilchbergDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering/ 
Institute for Physical Science and Technology
2004 - 2005
Jackson R. Bryer (retired)Department of English
Michael CoplanInstitute for Physical Science and Technology
James H. DuncanDepartment of Mechanical Engineering
Bryan EichhornDepartment of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Michael FuRobert H. Smith School of Business
Bruce JamesDepartment of Natural Resource Sciences and Landscape Architecture
George Quester (retired)Department of Government and Politics
2003 - 2004
J. Scott Angle*Agriculture Experiment Station
Suzanne Bianchi*Department of Sociology
Ramalingam ChellappaDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering/
Institute for Computer Studies
James Lesher (retired)Department of Philosophy
Vladimir TismaneanuDepartment of Government and Politics
2002 - 2003
Robert DoolingDepartment of Psychology
Sylvester James Gates, Jr.Department of Physics
James GlassDepartment of Government and Politics
James HagbergDepartment of Kinesiology
M. Susan TaylorRobert H. Smith School of Business
Allan WigfieldDepartment of Human Development
2001 - 2002
Peter BeickenSchool of Foreign Languages and Literatures
George Helz (retired)Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Raymond Martin (retired)Department of Philosophy
Rabindra MohapatraDepartment of Physics
Sara ViaDepartment of Biology/Department of Entomology
2000 - 2001
Patricia AlexanderDepartment of Human Development
Robert Denno (deceased)Department of Entomology
Bruce GoldenRobert H. Smith School of Business
Linda KauffmanDepartment of English
Christopher LobbDepartment of Physics/Center for Superconductivity
Steven MarcusDepartment of Electrical & Computer Engineering
1999 - 2000
John BenedettoDepartment of Mathematics
Jordan GoodmanDepartment of Physics
Steve Graham*Department of Special Education
Linda MabbsSchool of Music
Arthur PopperDepartment of Biology
Frederick Suppe (retired)Department of Philosophy
1998 - 1999
Ruth Fassinger (retired)Department of Counseling & Personnel Services
Michael FisherInstitute for Physical Science & Technology/
Department of Physics
Saul Gass (retired)Robert H. Smith School of Business
Sandra Greer (retired)Department of Chemical Engineering/
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
David WyattDepartment of English
1997 - 1998
Claudia DeMonte (retired)Department of Art
Anil GuptaRobert H. Smith School of Business
Karen Harris*Department of Special Education
Thomas McAvoy (retired)Department of Chemical Engineering
Jack Minker (retired)Department of Computer Science
Gerald WilkinsonDepartment of Biology
1996 - 1997
Madeleine Cottenet-Hage (retired)School of Foreign Languages & Literatures
Philip DeShongDepartment of Chemistry & Biochemistry
David Lay (retired)Department of Mathematics
Phylis Moser-Veillon (retired)Department of Nutrition & Food Science
1995 - 1996
Evelyn Torton Beck (retired)Department of Women's Studies
Jane DonawerthDepartment of English
Fatimah Jackson (retired)Department of Anthropology
Isaak MayergoyzDepartment of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ken Smith (retired)Robert H. Smith School of Business
1994 - 1995
Maryam Alavi*Robert H. Smith School of Business
James Henretta (retired)Department of History
Mohammad ModarresDepartment of Mechanical Engineering
Thomas SchellingSchool of Public Affairs/Department of Economics
Ann WylieDepartment of Geology
1993 - 1994
William Bechhoefer (retired)School of Architecture
James Dally (retired)Department of Mechanical Engineering
John Gannon (deceased)Department of Computer Science
Marla McIntoshDepartment of Natural Resource Science & Landscape Arch.
Margaret PalmerDepartment of Biology/Department of Entomology
Lee Preston (deceased)Robert H. Smith School of Business
1992 - 1993
Fred AlfordDepartment of Government & Politics
William Destler*Department of Electrical Engineering
Judith HallettDepartment of Classics
Susan Lanser*Department of English
Scott WolpertDepartment of Mathematics
1991 - 1992
George Callcott (retired)Department of History
Bruce Jarvis (retired)Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Raymond PaternosterDepartment of Criminal Justice & Criminology
1990 - 1991
Ira Berlin (deceased)Department of History
Charles Butterworth (retired)Department of Government & Politics
Richard Etlin (retired)School of Architecture
Nancie Gonzalez (retired)Department of Anthropology
Anne Truitt (deceased)Department of Art
1989 - 1990
Kathryn BartolRobert H. Smith School of Business
Wayne Cole (retired)Department of History
Christopher DavisDepartment of Electrical Engineering
Susan Handelman*Department of English
Joseph Sucher (retired)Department of Physics
1988 - 1989
Edward FinkDepartment of Communication
William Hodos (retired)Department of Psychology
Alice MignereyDepartment of Chemistry & Biochemistry
David Sammons*Department of Natural Resource Science & Landscape Architecture
George Snow (deceased)Department of Physics
Robert Berdahl (retired)Department of Education Leadership & Policy
1987 - 1988
Samuel Schoenbaum (deceased)Department of English
Frank Hetrick (deceased)Department of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics
Alison Olson (retired)Department of History
James WallaceDepartment of Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Rudolph*Department of Mathematics
1986 - 1987
Elke FrederiksenDepartment of Germanic & Slavic Languages
Jerald Hage (retired)Department of Sociology
Louis Harlan (retired)Department of History
Richard Hula*Department of Family & Community Development
Jogesh Pati (retired)Department of Physics
1985 - 1986
Margaret Conway*Department of Government & Politics
J. Robert Dorfman (retired)Department of Physics
Herbert Levitan*Department of Biology
Mady Segal (retired)Department of Sociology
George Shirley*Department of Music
1984 - 1985
Alex J. Dragt (retired)Department of Physics
L. Lee Knefelkamp*Department of Counseling & Personnel Services
Samuel Kotz*Robert H. Smith School of Business
Billy V. Lessley*Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics
George RitzerDepartment of Sociology
1983 - 1984
Richard P. Claude (retired)Department of Government & Politics
Samuel Gorovitz*Department of Philosophy
Edwin A. Locke (retired)Robert H. Smith School of Business
Paul Traver (retired)Department of Music
Donat G. Wentzel (retired)Department of Astronomy
1982 - 1983
Lawrence MossDepartment of Music
Morris Rosenberg (deceased)Department of Sociology
David Ruderman*Department of History
Carol Seefeldt (deceased)Department of Human Development
Emmett Wright*Department of Curriculum & Instruction/
Agricultural & Extension Service
1981 - 1982
John D. Anderson (retired)Department of Aerospace Engineering
John C. Carr (deceased)Department of Curriculum & Instruction
Kathleen H. Jamieson*Department of Communication Arts & Theatre
Wilhelmina Jashemski (deceased)Department of History
Stephen P. Stich*Department of Philosophy
Nelita True*Department of Music
1980 - 1981
Stephen Brush (retired)Department of History/
Institute for Physical Science & Technology
Jean Grambs (deceased)Department of Human Development
E. Eugene Helm (retired)Department of Music
David SegalDepartment of Sociology
Gaurang Yodh*Department of Physics
1979 - 1980
Philip Bobko*Department of Psychology
Stephen Carroll (retired)Robert H. Smith School of Business
Larry Goldstein*Department of Mathematics
Anne MacLeod (retired)College of Information Studies
Dudley Shapere*Department of Philosophy
Oran Young*Department of Government & Politics
1978 - 1979
Laura Dittmann (deceased)Department of Human Development
James Gilbert (retired)Department of History
Warren Johnson*Department of Health Education
Joe Oppenheimer (retired)Department of Government & Politics
Cyril Ponnamperuma (deceased)Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry